Incentivize More Women in Tech

While the capacity for interest and ability to perform are typically on par with each other, men and women do want different things when it comes to their workplace.

I am certainly not making a value judgement, and obviously, not every individual conforms to these ideas, but overall, it seems that women tend to be more interested in devoting themselves to a workplace which embraces flexibility, compassion, and empathy, whereas men tend to more concerned with the concepts of status, play, and camaraderie.

These differences should never change the rate of pay for a given position, or the accolades given for innovation and leadership, nor should they be considered hard-and-fast rules of the daily grind. But, I do not see the lack of women working in technology as a matter of gender inequality, in as much as a problem to be solved by tech companies addressing their workplace culture and creating environments which will foster employee satisfaction, no matter what preferences those individuals may have in being retained.

Basically, I believe we would get more women working for tech companies if those companies would incentivize different ways of being rewarded, and give employees the choice of how they would like to engage.

Having the freedom to be more autonomous where it can be done will always make for a happier, healthier employee, which in turn creates a happier and healthier company.




Creative Soul. Deeply in love with freedom, technology, and the oxford comma.

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Valerie Lockhart

Valerie Lockhart

Creative Soul. Deeply in love with freedom, technology, and the oxford comma.

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